I’ve spent the past 20+ years working with individuals, getting applied (hands-on) knowledge as well as theoretical (book) knowledge on how the body works. My extensive background in anatomy and kinesiology allows you to get the most of your session, and allows me to design your sessions to maximize your results.

I am a triathlete, and understand (and apply) what I teach my clients. I’m a survivor of chronic pain (SI joint dysfunction, severe muscle spasms), recovering through an appropriately designed yoga practice spanning 2+ , and making some hard life changes. Even today, I constantly work to retrain my muscles to fire as they were intended (somatic re-education). I have had to make a life-time commitment to managing my pain, as I can still have bouts where I am bothered (but not hampered) by it.

Couples Tri, Austin TX July 2013

Couples Tri, Austin TX July 2013

In my attempts to do something about my pain, traditional medicine and methods had been exhausted, and I was told “Sorry, we can’t do anything else. You have to live in pain.” I turned to alternative medicine. As a recipient of an effective combination of treatments, I realized this was where more practitioners need to be. This became my path.

As a result of my chronic pain and the greatest physical therapists, I have extensive knowledge of the shoulder and hip; my training has focused extensively on the spine as well. I can help you out of pain, stabilize your joints, and help you move like you are meant; however, I can’t do it without you making a conscious decision to change your life.

Amber Moon Studio has been growing…

I’ve now got an page on  my story, how I happened to get into pain, and am currently working on the writing of how I got out. It’s emotionally intense, so taking some time. I’ve included some blogs on things I’ve accomplished on the way.

Aside from my work as a bodyworker, Viniyoga & Pilates instructor, my life revolves around my cats, cooking, and triathlon. And recovering from my other/new injuries.

Because of putting optimal health as my primary objective in life, I’ve added a few additional side businesses to help me so I don’t have to be as physically demanding on my body. These three, as they take a life of their own, have their on page here & on Facebook, as well as the individual websites for each company.